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Avant Hire South Wales prepares its versatile equipment for a hard winter

Avant Hire South Wales has a variety of attachments available for its Avant and Koppl multi-purpose equipment this winter which can help deal with the predicted bad weather.

Snow ploughs, buckets, sweeping brooms, and gritting attachments can be used in a variety of combinations. You may want to plough the snow into a collection area whilst spreading grit from rotating gritter mounted at the rear of the machine. You can then quickly swap the plough for a bucket and shift the piled up snow away or into trailers. The whole operation can be carried out with just one Avant Loader.

We also have a number of Koppl muti-purpose two wheel power units ready with hydraulically driven 1 metre wide sweeping brushes for pedestrian and smaller areas.

Please remember that when the bad weather arrives demand will be high. We will endeavor to accommodate all enquiries.


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Avant Koppl Rotair Alke AS Motor